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App can Change your Daily Life Wallet Experience.

Convenient Login

You can save your account
information to your
device for convenient login

ETCT Wallet

You can trade P2P for
all coins on your wallet,
such as BTC ETH ETCT.

My own NEWS feed

You'll see your friends' posts
and the latest news from
the group you signed up for.

Share postings

You can share information
and news by joining
groups in areas of interest.

Ethegram App Download in Your Devices.

Share it with a bunch of co-workers in the Ethegram group.
Ethegram communicates with co-workers all over the world.
Ethergram holders can receive airdrops of coins that
communicate in the Ethergram.
In 2020, Ethergram becomes one with the rest of the world.

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What the user says becomes the Ethegram App.


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